How often should you be posting content on social media?

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How often should you be posting content on social media?

While how often you should post on social media will depend on a few factors like your product or industry and how much time and resources you have, there are a few general rules for different platforms that can help you determine how often is best.


Facebook’s algorithm targets content to users based on what it thinks the user will be interested in. It works by monitoring user behaviours and the types of content users engage with to serve them content that they are more likely to engage with. This means that a post published a few days ago could still appear at the top of your user’s newsfeed today if Facebook deems it relevant to them.

On Facebook, the ‘more often you post, the better’ rule doesn’t really apply. It’s best to prioritise quality over quantity. What types of content will resonate best with your target audience? Create this content and run with it. Depending on your business and industry, posting a minimum of twice a week is a good way to keep your content front and centre for your target audience.


Twitter works a little differently. After a tweet is published on twitter, it moves down the feed in a linear fashion. This means that unless you’re being retweeted continuously, your tweet will become less visible with time. Research has found that the average lifespan of a tweet is anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes. This means that when it comes to tweeting, the sky’s really the limit. Posting at least twice a day will help to ensure your content is being seen.


Like Facebook, Instagram’s algorithm works in a way that shows relevant posts to relevant users.

The Instagram feed: For best results, posting to the the Instagram feed should be consistent each week. It doesn’t really matter if you’re posting 7 times a week or once a week, as long as you’re posting quality content that will resonate among your target audience.

Stories: These are more adhoc than posting to the feed. For brands, Instagram Stories provides a great opportunity to show behind-the-scenes videos of your business. Brands can broadcast snippets of events, product unboxing, your service in action or even office walkthroughs. Posting Stories at least a few times a week will keep your your brand front of mind among your Instagram audience. But if you’re posting gratuitously just to hit a quota, it’s best to post less frequently.


Pinterest is a digital inspiration board. It allows users to pin things that they find useful or inspirational so that they can bring ideas to life. It’s important to post frequently to Pinterest in order to increase the likelihood of people seeing your pins. Posting once a day to Pinterest will help you steadily grow your following, build brand awareness and attract more leads to your business.


Similar to Facebook and Instagram, a higher posting frequency on Linkedin doesn’t necessarily translate to better results. In the context of Linkedin, posting more frequently could even penalise you. According to research conducted by Hubspot, once you publish more than 5 times per week, the return on investment drops substantially. This is likely due to the Linkedin newsfeed algorithm favouring a spread of posts from different businesses, rather than from just the one. Because of this, between two and five posts per week will help you to steadily build your following, without wasting your time on creating unnecessary content.

No matter which platform you’re posting to, it’s important to maintain a consistent social media posting strategy in order to grow your online following, attract more leads and build your customer base. If you would like help managing your social media content and calendar, we can help. Get in touch with Green Door Co today.

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