How often should you really be posting on Twitter?

How often should you really be posting on Twitter?

In order to build brand awareness and be memorable to your target audience, it’s important to have a strong presence on your social platforms. Twitter now boasts 313 million active monthly users, so if you’re not on Twitter, you might be missing out on a large pool of potential customers.

If you’re using Twitter for business, you should treat your audience like a vegetable garden. Give them regular love and nurture them, and you’ll see them grow so that you can eventually reap great rewards. Like with a vegetable garden though, you’ll want to nurture your audience just the right amount. You wouldn’t overwater your garden, just like you wouldn’t bombard your audience with hundreds of tweets a day.

So, what’s the right amount of tweets?

The amount of times you should post on social media will vary from platform to platform. For instance, Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm favour certain content depending on what your user has engaged with in the past. This means that a post published a few days ago could still appear at the top of your user’s newsfeed today, if they’ve shown interest in similar content. Twitter works in a different way. As soon as you publish a tweet, the clock starts ticking, as the tweet begins to move down the newsfeed in a linear fashion. As time goes by, the tweet continues down, before it eventually gets lost in the twittersphere. So, what does this mean for how frequently you should tweet?

Frequency will depend on a few variables, like your industry, how engaged your audience is on Twitter, and what your specific objectives are, so unfortunately there is no magic number across the board that indicates the perfect tweeting frequency. That said, Twitter is a fast-moving platform and the shelf life of a tweet is short. Because of this, you’ll want to be posting on Twitter more often than you do on other platforms. Tweeting multiple times a day will maximize the likelihood that valuable customers will see your brand. So, if your objective is to build followers on Twitter, posting at least five times a day is ideal.

Is there such thing as too often?

As long as you’re sharing relevant content and a variety of it on a regular basis, there is no recommended limit to how many tweets you should publish each day, within reason. If you’re pushing out tweets and sacrificing the quality of your content merely to meet a quota, you’re doing it all wrong. When using social media for your business, you want to reach your followers without scaring them away. If you annoy your followers too much, you risk losing their business and damaging your reputation.

The best way to get it right is to strike the right balance between quality and quantity. Great content is informative, original and relevant to your specific target audience, so as long as you’re ticking each of these boxes, then tweet away!

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