Top tips for optimising your LinkedIn profile

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Top tips for optimising your LinkedIn profile

More than just an online resume of sorts, LinkedIn is a huge social platform for sharing information, connecting with like-minded people, and networking with your peers and industry folk.

First impressions count, and this has never been more true than it is for LinkedIn. Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn isn’t about your weekend snaps or catchy updates, its about your career, your professional goals, your customers or clients and your business.

Having a well crafted, professional and inviting profile can mean the difference between getting that job, landing that client or converting that lead…and not. Your profile needs to stand out in the right ways to make the right connections and leverage them effectively.

Here are our top tips for optimising your LinkedIn page:

Profile picture

Your profile picture will be the first impression people have of you. Make it professional but try not to look stiff and boring – you want some personality to shine through!

Attention grabbing headline

Your headline is like a teaser intro into who you are to compel people to read more. We recommend you don’t just list your title and company because that comes later in your profile. Instead your headline provides an opportunity to utilise keywords to help people find you. So, for example, consider listing some of your key specialities or skills.


This is the place to expand upon your headline, tell your story, inject personality and generate trust. Just saying you have X years experience in an industry doesn’t really show what you bring to the table, so try to make people understand who you are, why you do what you do and why they may want to work with you.

Contact Info

It’s important to have contact information available on your profile. There is a specific section for contact information, though you also have the option to add this to the summary section, along with some sort of call to action.


This section is where you list your work experience. It provides another opportunity to optimise keyword use, and really get into more detail about your previous positions including your key accomplishments and how you impacted the organisation.

Personalise your URL

If left unchanged, your LinkedIn URL will include several letters and numbers at the end and look messy. You can secure a unique URL, for example;, that looks more professional and tidier to have listed on things like your business cards or email signature.


LinkedIn is essentially a network of professionals, so it’s important to have a strong network with as many 1st degree connections as possible. We encourage you to reach out and connect with anyone you come across in a professional setting. The more connections you have the more access you then gain to other profiles who then become 2nd or 3rd degree connections (which means you can view them), helping you build leads, find talent or build partnerships.

Other Sections

LinkedIn gives you the ability to add information to sections such as publications, volunteer experiences and causes, certificates, education, awards, projects and more. If these sections apply to you, consider including this information.

To make the most of your LinkedIn profile, make sure you have optimised it effectively, actively participate in conversations, get connected with others and upload some of your own content. We’ll delve more into these features in upcoming blog posts.

If you would like some help with optimising your Linkedin profile, talk to us today.

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