Content Strategy

So, you’ve heard that content is king. You’re creating and sharing content, but are you doing it strategically? Are you measuring results?

A strong content strategy can set the foundation for meaningful and engaging content that will attract your target audience.

A strong content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery and management of content. Content is not limited to just printed words, but also includes images, videos and sound bites.

Green Door Co develops content strategies that ensure your content production is focused, and that you have a clear plan for distribution and amplification.

We will develop a tailored and integrated content strategy directly connected with your business objectives that gets results. We incorporate the values of your business and focus on telling a story, with clear information.

At Green Door Co we can work with you to ensure your content strategy focuses on a theme and is adaptable across multiple channels. It’s important to remember your messages should have a consistent voice across all the platforms you choose.

A possible theme for your content strategy could focus on your products and services solving a problem for your audience. Then your content strategy can assist to promote your solutions.

Your content can assist those still unsure of their problem by showing them what they should be looking for and how you can help. For those who have already identified their problem, your content illustrates where and how to get help.

Your content should reinforce what you offer to educate your target audience on using your products or services.

Our strategies cover a combination of objectives, target audiences, content themes, key messages, KPIs and tactics.

We recommend an initial workshop to gather your requirements, which will then be input into your strategy.

When we work with you to create your unique content strategy we ask questions like:

  • Who are you creating the content for?
  • How do you help your customers?
  • What makes you unique? Or stand out from competitors?
  • Where will you share your content?
  • Who will create and manage the content?

Contact us to find out more about creating a focused content strategy.

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