Depending on our clients’ needs, we develop, distribute and curate display advertising, social advertising, pay per click and paid content amplification.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising utilises user information to send out highly relevant advertisements to your target audience. Social media advertising can provide huge increases in conversions and sales, when your target market aligns with the user demographics of the social platform. This is at a much lower cost to traditional advertising.

Social media advertising can even help businesses find new leads by using the interests and demographics of their current target audience to identify common interests and trends. Social media advertising is quite proactive in that it offers a product or service the user may be interested in before they even begin their search.

Social media is highly prevalent on mobile devices and allows reliable conversion tracking giving it a unique point of difference to other forms of online advertising like paid search.

At Green Door Co we work with you to identify the audience you wish to target and we develop and implement paid social media strategies, tailored to your needs.

Our paid social service includes content development, distribution, monitoring and reporting.

If need be, we can develop multiple paid social media advertising campaigns to suit a variety of your targeted audiences.

We offer design for display and social advertisements and advice on the look and feel of advertisements on a campaign basis.

Content Amplification

Content amplification means pushing your content further and wider. It’s the process of publishing, promoting and distributing your content for greater reach, exposing your brand to more people within your target audience and also a wider range of potential customers.

Content amplification is all about sharing your content and maximising exposure of your brand through that content. To successfully amplify your content we will ask you the question, ‘who is interested in this and why?’ That way we can choose the appropriate media outlets to maximise your reach.

Our aim towards content amplification involves a holistic approach including content creation, research to narrow down the perfect audience for your content strategy and business, development of a distribution strategy and distribution of content to appropriate parties.

We also aim to integrate content strategy with social strategy to provide a multidisciplinary approach and ultimately obtain the best results.

For advice on your paid advertising strategy, or if you would like a quote, get in touch with us today.