PR Agency Sydney

Public relations (PR) is the craft of building a known presence and credible reputation for your business with the people that matter the most – your clients, customers, investors and influencers.

Public relations helps businesses:

★  Build brand awareness
★  Gain leads
★  Boost your reputation
★  Make important company announcements
★  Create a buzz around your brand
★  Enhance your credibility in the market
★  Increase trust with your target audience

We are experienced PR and communications practitioners adept at developing and implementing clever PR and communications initiatives which get results.

Our PR business & communications service involves a holistic approach, including using the digital landscape to amplify important messages and spark conversation about your brand. From developing your public relations business strategy and helping you identify your key values to writing media releases and engaging the media, our goal is to elevate your brand above the competition so that you get heard.



We build connections


As a specialised PR firm in Sydney, building strong relationships is what we do best. We maintain expert knowledge on the media and digital landscape, and build strong relationships with key industry and media influencers to draw connections between your brand and the people that matter most.

We connect you with:

  • Key online and offline publications and journalists relevant to your field
  • Relevant bloggers and online influencers
  • Important industry events for speaking opportunities
  • Your target audience by giving your brand a media presence


We amplify your voice

We make sure your brand’s voice is heard. Whether it’s a new product or service announcement, an upcoming event or just creating a buzz around your brand, we amplify your messaging and brand so that the right people hear about it.

We strengthen your skills

We provide media training workshops to prepare a spokesperson from your company to communicate with the media. Our media training workshops involve a practical approach including practicing interview scenarios and learning how to handle difficult questions.

Our end-to-end PR business & Communications service includes:

Woman and man in PR meeting☰  End-to-end PR & communications strategy
☰  Developing your PR plan
☰  Working with your brand to identify key messages
☰  Developing and pitching media releases, alerts and articles
☰  Issues management
☰  Sourcing and submitting awards applications
☰  Sourcing and acquiring speaking opportunities
☰  Engaging the media
☰  Media monitoring
☰  Media training workshops

Contact us today to discuss developing an effective PR and communications program for your business.

Green Door Co offers a range of PR and communications services, as outlined below. Click through to find out more. 

Why Your SME Should Hire a Sydney PR Agency

Small and medium-sized enterprises (or SMEs) make up the largest part of the Australian business market.

Yet SMEs are often excluded from marketing opportunities. PR and marketing agencies frequently price themselves out of the range that SMEs are willing or able to pay. As a result, the average SME ends up either going it alone with PR or missing our altogether.

Introducing Green Door Co – A Specialised PR Firm in Sydney

That’s where Green Door Co comes into the equation.

We are a Sydney PR agency that focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses. We aren’t just an SME PR agency in name only, either. Everything from our services to our communication to our style to our prices has SMEs in mind. If you have previously been interested in hiring a PR firm for your business, but have shied away from doing so due to unaffordable prices or poor cultural fit, give us a try. We promise: we will give you the PR and marketing experience you’ve been seeking.

Three Reasons to Hire a Sydney PR Agency

Outsourcing PR and marketing to the experts frees up your time and gets you better results.

Here are three core benefits:

  1. Outsourcing PR and marketing to the experts frees up your time to focus on what you do best.
  2. It will help you grow: No business can take off without awareness, interest and buzz. A good PR campaign can do all those things—giving your business the tools it needs to grow.
  3. A PR agency brings experience: You know your business and your industry well, but have you ever run a PR campaign? Instead of trying to learn PR and marketing on the fly, hire a Sydney PR agency and let someone who knows the field do the work for you. You’ll see better results faster and with much less time and frustration.

Are you tired of contacting PR agencies in Sydney whose prices and services simply aren’t compatible with SMEs? Put your trust in Green Door Co instead and learn what it’s like to work with a true SME-focused PR agency in Sydney. Call us today on 02 8040 2848 to set up a consultation.