Australian Business Awards

The Australian Business Awards are an annual all-encompassing awards program which recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, experience management, business sustainability, product and technology innovation via a set of comprehensive award categories.

What’s involved?

In most categories, applicants will need to complete a written submission up to 4,000 words long that addresses the four evaluation criteria of the POEM Assessment Module; Section 1: Profile, Section 2: Method, Section 3: Execution, Section 4: Outcomes. Applicants should include supporting documents such as financial or business metrics, statistics, media coverage or other relevant information. Submissions are made online.



  • Business Excellence [BXA]
  • Business Innovation [BIA]
  • Business Technology [BTA]
  • Service Excellence [SXA]
  • Digital Transformation [DTR]
  • Marketing Excellence [MXA]
  • Brand Management [BMA]
  • Comms Excellence [COM]
  • HR Management [HRM]
  • Change Management [CMA]
  • Training Excellence [TRX]
  • Process Improvement [BPI]
  • Supply Chain Management [SCM]
  • Community Contribution [CCA]
  • Project Management [PMA]
  • Risk Management [RMA]
  • Sustainability Awards [SYA]
  • Product Innovation [PIA]
  • Product Excellence [PXA]
  • New Product Innovation [NEW]
  • Service Innovation [SRV]
  • Logistical Innovation [LOG]
  • Eco Innovation [ECO]
  • Technology Innovation [TIA]
  • Software Innovation [SWR]
  • Cloud Innovation [CLD]
  • CRM Innovation [CRM]
  • Mobile Innovation [MBL]
  • Product Innovation [PIA]
  • Product Excellence [PXA]
  • New Product Innovation [NEW]
  • Eco Innovation [ECO]
  • Technology Innovation [TIA]
  • The Australian Charity Awards [OAA/CHY]
  • CX Management [CXM]
  • Digital CX Management[DCX]
  • The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice [EOC]



Entries generally open in January and close in March.

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