Key Messages & Tone of Voice

Persuasive, engaging and effective communication relies on determining your tone of voice and messaging.  

Your key messages and tone of voice are two key elements of your communications that show who you are as a brand. They encourage brand recognition amongst potential customers and clients and can encourage existing customers to identify with your brand and re-engage with your offering.

Solidifying the right tone of voice and key messages for your brand requires a deep understanding of your key values as well as knowledge of who you’re speaking to and the kind of language and expression that makes them tick. At Green Door Co, we will help you improve your branding and communications by working with you to identify your key messages and tone of voice.

We create comprehensive tone of voice guidelines and key messages to use throughout all brand communications, ensuring consistency and brand resonance.

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice guidelines establish a framework for how your brand’s personality and values are expressed through language. Is your tone of voice warm, technical, cheeky or academic? We can help you find out.

Key Messages

Every business should have a set of key messages which define who they are, what they do and their value proposition. These key messages are the foundation of all communications, helping you get across what you need to about your brand.

We will work with you to identify the words, messages, type of language and tone that will best cut through to your audience. Our tailored approach helps our clients connect more effectively with existing customers and clients, as well as engage new prospective customers and clients.

Standalone or integrated approach

Green Door Co can create tone of voice guidelines and key messages within a PR & communications strategy, or as standalone project.

Contact us to find out more about creating one of voice guidelines and key messages for your business.