Media Engagement

Media engagement is an excellent way to build awareness of your brand. Through providing third party endorsement, media coverage cuts through with your audience more than any other form of advertising.

Positive comments from the media make powerful endorsements which you can use for further marketing. Media coverage also extends the reach of your brand, exposing you to a vast array of audiences that are interested in what you have to offer, despite being outside your target market.

It’s important to understand how the media works. Here at Green Door Co, we have established strong relationships with journalists and editors from a wide variety of media outlets across Australia. These relationships mean we know how and when to reach out to journalists to give your story the highest chance of being published or aired.

We can work with you to finesse your story angle and develop some key messages to make sure your story stands out and is appealing to a journalist. It’s all about crafting your story into something that is ‘newsworthy’.

We can assist with media engagement with a variety of channels including television, radio, print and online. We have secured high profile media coverage for clients in The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, BRW, Sky News, Studio 10, 2UE and ABC radio, as well as in industry publications, influential blogs, and regional and local media outlets.

Green Door Co offer a range of media engagement services including:

  • Expert PR services, media relations and issues management advice and consultation.
  • Developing and distributing media releases which tell your story and cut through with journalists.
  • Crafting and pitching unique story ideas to select media outlets and securing interview opportunities for your business.
  • Expert media liaison which builds rapport and opens the door to future media opportunities for your business.
  • Media monitoring of mentions of your business, clipping media coverage and reporting on your results.
  • Blogger and online influencer outreach which engages with your target audience via the online channels they regularly access.
  • If your story is picked up by a radio or news outlet, we can prepare you for appearing on camera or giving an interview. You can learn more about the media training we offer here.

We can work with you to create and coordinate short term media engagement campaigns as well as the execution of longer term media engagement strategies on a retainer basis. Contact us today to discuss how media engagement can help your business reach its goals.