Media Training Workshops

At Green Door Co we provide tailored media and presentation training workshops for clients eager to learn how to articulate and deliver their key messages to the media. Through our training, clients can learn in-depth insights about the media, become confident interviewees, and grasp how to handle tough questions without falling to pieces.

For a spokesperson within a business to strengthen their brand’s reputation with their target audiences through interacting with the media, it is vital that they fully understand the media landscape, know how reporters and journalists think, and interact accordingly.

Once you begin engaging with the media, you learn what is ‘newsworthy’, that is, what elements of your story are the most interesting and how journalists may react to certain information. From this you can structure and tailor each media opportunity you face to put your best foot forward and present your business in the best light.

Our media training workshops are both informative and practical and are designed to achieve our clients’ specific media goals, while giving attendees the chance to play out real-life media scenarios in a training environment.

We tailor our training to focus on your goals, whilst still preparing you to face a wide variety of media outlets.

The areas we cover in our media and presentation training workshops include:

  • Messaging tips and story angles
  • Understanding the media: understanding the role of journalists and reporters, and understanding the news cycle
  • How to deal with tough questions and bigger issues
  • Preparing for a media appearance: TV, radio, print
  • Practising live interviews on and off camera
  • Building and showing confidence
  • Developing and refining presentation skills
  • Managing nerves
  • Rehearsing example media questions
  • Practicing interactions and scenarios

A strength of our media training is providing real time feedback, so we can workshop areas you find challenging while they are fresh in your mind. At the end of the training, you walk away with an arsenal of prepared key messages to promote your business, and tips and tricks to face the more challenging elements of media appearances.

We also offer ‘train the trainer’ media and presentation training workshops to upskill your team in how to run media training internally. This is a great option for budget conscious SMEs with multiple spokespeople who engage with media and present often.

We can develop a tailored package for your needs which includes all training materials. Check out a testimonial from our client Pantera Press to find out more about how this works.

If you would like some more information about our Media Training Workshops, get in touch with us today.