Social Media Training

Want to learn how you can leverage social media to engage your target audience?

When used strategically and effectively, social media can be an extremely valuable resource for your brand. It can provide insights into what your customers are talking about, how they are engaging online and what they are interested in. Social media provides a direct channel to your target audience, allowing you to communicate effectively with your customers so you can build brand awareness, gain leads and ultimately drive more conversions.

At Green Door Co, we provide our clients with tailored social media training solutions to give them leverage on the competition and help them engage with their target audiences more effectively.

Our Social Media 101 training gives you an introduction to using social media for your business.

We will tailor our training package for your needs to cover a combination of the following:

  • Popular and emerging social media channels
  • Which channels suit which audience
  • How to drive engagement on social media
  • How to measure results on social media
  • Case studies of great campaigns
  • Case studies of social media crises
  • Trends in social media

Why learn more about social media?

Social media has become a vital marketing tool for brands to connect with target audiences. Knowing how to use social media effectively is an important way to cut through to the people who matter the most to your brand and grow your customer base. Simply understanding a few basic principles about how social media works can set your brand off on the right path to market your business effectively, communicate with your target audience and drive more conversions.

Through our Social Media 101 training, we will give you the tools needed to build awareness for your brand through social media, connect with new potential customers and retain existing customers and clients.

To find out more about our Social Media 101 training, contact us.