How to set up your Facebook business page

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How to set up your Facebook business page

If you have a business, chances are you’ve considered whether setting up a Facebook business page is the right thing for you. You might have put off doing it because it seems daunting to set up, or a lot of effort. In truth, it’s remarkably straightforward to get your business on one of the biggest social networks available, and can be really beneficial to your business exposure and growth.

Here are our steps to setting up your Facebook business page:

    1. Create a page

      You need to be logged into your own personal Facebook account to be able to create a business page for your business or organisation. You can start the process of creating your business page by clicking ‘create a page’ on the left hand side menu of your home feed screen.

    2. Choose a category

      You will then be asked to choose a business category for your page. These range from local businesses, to brands, to products. Just pick the category best suited to your needs. You will then be asked to choose a more specific subcategory to narrow things down, and also for your business or brand name.

    3. Set up

      Next, you will be asked some more information to set up your business page, such as your ‘about’ information and website. This is also the section where you choose a unique Facebook web address, so people can easily find you, such as

      There are four parts to the setup section, with the next steps including choosing your profile picture, adding your page to your favourites, and choosing your preferred audience.

    4. You’re live!

      Congratulations, you’re now officially using your Facebook business page. Facebook will automatically offer you a quick tour to show you the differences between this page and your personal page, and we recommend this so you can get acquainted.


The first step is to invite people to follow your page. The more followers you have, the more engagement you will gain.

Now you can have some fun with populating your page with content and photos. You can start interacting with people straight away, as this will help to build an audience. Make sure to tweak your page as you go, keeping your information up to date, and include things such as a ‘call to action’ button.

Need some guidance on how to grow your business using Facebook? Talk to us today.

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