Sweet treats and good news from April

Sweet treats and good news from April

Happy Easter from all of us here at Green Door Co! During the last month we have eaten too many Anzac cookies, chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. How did you celebrate?

We also celebrated some birthdays and a work anniversary during April – all with plenty of cake, so it has been an indulgent month all around!

Along with our feel-good food, we found some feel-good news and social media stories to help share the good vibes that are flowing through our team right now.

Jetstar helps young woman live her dream

Georgia Knoll from Queensland was invited to serve as a hostess for a domestic Jetstar flight recently. As an ambassador for people with disabilities, and herself living with Downs Syndrome, Georgia lived a day in the life of a Jetstar air hostess.

Georgia came onto Jetstar’s radar when her sister filmed her performing aeroplane safety instructions. The video was posted on Facebook and Jetstar reached out. After learning the basics and meeting the crew and pilots, Georgia was given the chance to shine as a flight attendant. She completed safety demonstrations, served food and greeted all the passengers. While Georgia loved the experience, she isn’t sure if she will pursue it full time. To read more about Georgia’s day with Jetstar, click here.

Venom from funnel web spiders could protect stroke victims

They might be creepy, crawly, scary and gross, but here is a reason to celebrate funnel web spiders. Professor Glenn King from the University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience has discovered that the venom of funnel web spiders can prevent the brain damage that occurs as a result of a stroke. The venom works by stopping the cells in the brain dying. This is useful for patients who are a long way from a hospital. The longer stroke victims go without treatment, the worse their prognosis tends to be. It is hoped that the venom can be turned into a new drug which paramedics can administer to patients within minutes of their stroke. To find out more about this research (and to possibly avoid the spiders) read more here.

13-year old boy trades his Xbox for a car for his single mum

It’s not every day a teenager gives up their Xbox to buy their mum a car. But that is exactly what 13-year old William from Nevada, USA did. The teenager came across a Facebook ad for a 1999 white Chevrolet Metro on sale for a low price. William reached out to see if he could do housework to pay for the car or trade something in. At first the seller said no. But sometimes all you have to do is ask, because the seller eventually backflipped and said yes. William traded in his Xbox and worked off the rest.

When he first told his mum about his surprise, she didn’t believe him. To show her gratitude, the single mum of three posted to Facebook to share with the world. Her post has now gone viral, being shared over 1000 times. To read more about this young boy with a big heart, click here.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pays for mum’s groceries

After a tough few weeks, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern shows she’s down to earth and very much connected with her fellow New Zealanders, by paying for a mother’s groceries after she left her wallet at home. The mother had two young children in tow and Ms Ardern was behind her at the grocery store when the Good Samaritan moment occurred.

The mother shared her experience on Facebook saying, “Just when you think Jacinda Ardern couldn’t get any more lovely, low key and authentic… she goes and pays for your groceries at the supermarket, because you’ve got your shopping, have two kids with you and are about to put it all back as you forgot your wallet”.

When speaking with the media in early April, Ms Ardern confirmed she was the one who paid for the woman’s groceries. To read more about the good deed, read on here.

Do you have some good news you would like to share with us? Or are you celebrating something? Contact Green Door Co today to hear about how we can help you promote your great news stories.

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