The procrastinator’s guide to award submissions

Ah, the allure of the last-minute scramble. That delightful dance with deadlines, fuelled by questionable amounts of coffee and a simmering pot of existential dread. For some Australian businesses, Business Award submissions seem to fall squarely into this category. We get it – running a business is a whirlwind, and awards often feel like a luxury amidst the daily fire drills.

But listen up, fellow procrastinators! While a well-executed all-nighter might pull off a stellar presentation for that morning meeting, the same strategy rarely translates to awards glory. Here’s why that eleventh-hour scramble might be sabotaging your chances of holding that coveted trophy aloft.

The skimming sprint: When criteria becomes a cliff note

Let’s be honest, who amongst us hasn’t skimmed an instruction manual in a moment of panic? Award submissions are no different. In the throes of a deadline-induced frenzy, the meticulously crafted criteria document transforms into a blurry wall of text. You convince yourself you’ve grasped the essence – innovation, impact, community focus – but have you truly? Award judges are looking for a deep understanding of what the award represents and how your business embodies its core values. A last-minute skim won’t showcase the dedication and strategic alignment that truly sets you apart.

The lost in the labyrinth: Where does one even begin?

Picture this: you crack open the online submission portal with 24 hours to spare. The platform, once a distant thought, now resembles a labyrinthine beast. Where do you upload the supporting documents? What goes in that mysterious “company background” section? Panic sets in. You resort to frantic phone calls to colleagues who are equally bewildered. A well-organised submission, tailored to the specific platform, demonstrates professionalism and respect for the award process. Fumbling through an unfamiliar interface at the last minute paints a less-than-ideal picture.

The all-nighter blues: Sleep deprivation and award-winning prose don’t mix

The allure of the all-nighter is strong, particularly for the creatively inclined. But crafting a compelling award submission requires more than just bleary-eyed inspiration. It demands clear thinking, a sharp focus on the message you want to convey, and the ability to translate complex ideas into captivating prose. Sleep deprivation throws all that out the window. Grammatical errors, muddled arguments, and a lack of coherence will leave judges scratching their heads, not reaching for the “winner” stamp.

So, what’s a procrastinator to do?

Fear not, fellow deadline dodgers! All is not lost. Here’s the secret weapon in your procrastinator’s arsenal: planning.

  • Mark those deadlines early: Schedule the submission date in your calendar with generous buffer time. Treat it like a crucial and unmovable meeting – one that could bring immense recognition to your business.
  • Gather your materials beforehand: Don’t wait until the last minute to collect testimonials, case studies, and financial reports. Keep a dedicated folder throughout the year where you can store these vital documents.
  • Start small, build momentum: Break down the submission process into manageable chunks. Dedicate an hour a day to draft a section, brainstorm supporting evidence, or refine your company narrative. This way, you avoid the overwhelming task of tackling everything at once.
  • Seek help from the experts: Don’t be shy about admitting you need a hand. Award submission agencies specialise in crafting compelling narratives and navigating the intricacies of different award platforms.

Now, we understand that even the best-laid plans can go awry.

But here’s the golden rule: If you absolutely must submit at the last minute, make sure your application is exceptional. Don’t just throw something together for the sake of it.

Still feeling overwhelmed? That’s where we come in. At Green Door Co, we’re award-winning experts ourselves (see what we did there?). We can help you navigate the application process, craft compelling narratives, and showcase your business in the best possible light.

So, ditch the all-nighters and the frantic scrambling. Let us help you turn your award submissions from a last-minute scramble into a strategic victory. Contact us today!

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