Top 12 apps for productivity

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Top 12 apps for productivity

It’s 2016 – a time when almost everything is available to you with the touch of a button, a click of a mouse, a confirmation on your screen.

Here at Green Door Co, we love keeping up with technology and the best ways to stay productive.

There are a huge range of apps available; good and bad, simple and complex. Here are our top favourite tried and tested apps for productivity:


QuickCal is a quick and intuitive calendar app that lets you create events with the speed of thought. It will start to guess what you mean when you start typing and you can use natural language, for example, ‘cycle class @6’. It can give you reminders, show you multiple calendars and provide convenient views of upcoming events.


A web and mobile app, Evernote can be used simply as a note-taking app or for much more including planning trips or creating slideshow presentations. You can screenshot and save receipts, keep track of expenses and sync all of this across your devices. It basically provides a space that allows you to store your notes, information, documents, files, images and much more. We use Evernote regularly to share files with clients and access documents remotely.


A huge time saver, 1Password will create and remember many unique passwords and logins for all of your sites. It can even store credit card information to save you typing that in online. And it’s all accessed with one click.


You can organise anything with Any.Do. It’s a well designed app that can organise your everyday tasks, help coordinate big projects and share lists. You can sync across your devices and even add your tasks to your lists using voice entry.


30/30 is a handy little task manager that incorporates lists and lets you time your tasks in an easy to use interface. You just set up your list of tasks and allocate a time limit to each, then it will tell you when to move to the next task. This is a great app to use to incorporate the Pomodoro technique into your work, using set timeframes for tasks and allowing a few minutes break in between.


Asana is dubbed as ‘teamwork without email’. It’s a task management app, great for teams committed to collaborating effectively. Asana allows you to allocate, organise and manage tasks, communicate directly using chat functions, and plan your day around it all.

Google Drive

Have all of your files within reach on any device through Google Drive. It has a great search function and also lets you create documents that you can work on as a team, in real time. We use Google Drive for all internal document approvals, keeping version control in check and allowing for collaboration from anywhere.


Dropbox is great for storing and sharing large documents. Dropbox makes link sharing easy, functional, and accessible. You can store documents, share them and use across all devices. We use Dropbox to share large files with clients and for collaboration.


A great reminder app that stores and maintains reminders of all types. It will nudge you when you need it and gives you little motivational prompts such as ‘go do that thing!’. It works offline too which can be useful.

A web app, will help you manage all of those email subscriptions that flood your inbox. You can choose which ones to put through, and instead of receiving them all one by one, you will get a daily roundup that you can easily scroll through at once. You can even specify the time you want that one email sent, and unsubscribe from ones you don’t want any more through


Mention is a web and mobile app which allows you to keep track of where your name, your business name or competitors are being mentioned across the web. It will send you alerts when someone publishes a few good words about your business or talks about it online. It’s great for keeping up to date with your online presence without spending hours trawling social media. For more extensive media and social media monitoring you should consider alternative services, but this is a good start.


CamCard is the easiest app to store and manage business cards and details. You can exchange cards with other CamCard users, and add notes or reminders to people’s business cards. It makes networking so much simpler, and lets you access all that information in one place.

At the end of the day, most of the apps available now are easy to navigate, have clean designs and easy integration across multiple devices and platforms, so it’s about what works for you and what keeps you productive.

There are so many options out there! Tell us in the comments what apps you currently use, and if we missed any of your favourites. Contact us today.

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