How to use Linkedin as a tool for your business

How to use Linkedin as a tool for your business

How to use Linkedin as a tool for your business

Linkedin is a professional social platform used by individuals to make and maintain professional relationships and track down new job opportunities, by recruiters to scout for new talent and by employers to search for potential new employees. It has evolved into much more than just a corporate networking site. It has become a tool for business. So how can you make the most of Linkedin for your business?

Linkedin can be a hugely effective marketing channel. It is great for lead generation, building brand awareness and thought leadership, and has little to no overheads, therefore is a low risk marketing option. Here’s how to utilise Linkedin for your business.

1. Ensure that your staff Linkedin profiles are refined and up-to-date

Your staff members are a reflection of your business, so it’s important to make sure they are represented on Linkedin in a way that you would want your business to be reflected. Don’t be afraid to conduct profile audits for your employees to ensure they are up to scratch. This is beneficial for both your staff and your business as a whole.

2. Share relevant content on a regular basis

Sharing content regularly on Linkedin is a great way to keep your network of contacts engaged with your business. Creating and sharing your own content is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field. Linkedin provides a function called LinkedIn Posts which allows you to upload long form posts directly to your page. Alternatively, if you have recently read an article that you found interesting and that is relevant to the work you do, share it with your network. Although it’s important to post regularly, posting too regularly can be detrimental to your brand. Updates that are shared too frequently can be viewed as spam, so it’s important to find the right balance.

3. Reach out to a wider network

Utilise your company profile, your personal profile and the profiles of your employees to reach a wider network. Share content across all of the above. Cross promoting content between different profiles is a great way to maximise reach. For example if one staff member has shared an update regarding your business or your industry, get another staff member to share the update. This is a great way to ensure that one piece of content extends across a wider network.

4. Start a group and engage with people in your industry

Developing a Linkedin group is a great way to engage with other professionals in your industry as well as your customers and prospective customers and build thought leadership. In order to get the group off the ground, ensure that you promote it through Linkedin and other channels. You can start by promoting the group on your website, through your Linkedin page and other social media channels. You can also send group invitations to any contact, regardless of whether or not they’re currently using the social platform. In order to make the most out of your group, develop and share relevant and engaging content and ignite conversations with fellow experts.

If you would like to learn more about how your business can use Linkedin, get in touch with us today.

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