What is Facebook retargeting?

What is Facebook retargeting?

You know those ads that seem to follow you around online? Somehow they know exactly what you’re thinking and you can’t work out how. These are retargeted ads and although it may seem like they can read your thoughts, there’s a science behind how they work and it’s a lot less ominous. They might be a bit creepy, but we can’t deny that they work really well. Facebook retargeting works in much the same way, but across the Facebook network.

Facebook retargeting allows advertisers to target people who have already shown an interest in their business by visiting their website. By serving ads to people who have visited your website, you can ensure that your ads are highly relevant to your audience, increasing the likelihood of them converting.

So, what’s the science behind it?

The pixel

To get started with Facebook retargeting, firstly you’ll need to install a Facebook pixel on your website. This is a two-step process. The first step is to place a piece of code across your entire website. The second step is to place a piece of code on the pages where you wish to track certain actions. For instance, let’s say you run an ecommerce site. One of the actions that you will want to track would be sales through your site. This can be achieved by placing your code on the ‘thank you’ pages that customers are taken to after they make a purchase.

You may also want to track the pages leading up to your ‘thank you’ page. By doing this you’ll be able to find out who has left your website before converting. So what can you do with this valuable information?

Retargeting ads

This is where retargeting can help. Facebook retargeting allows you to show ads to the people who left your website before making a purchase or conversion, or to upsell to people who have purchased through your website.

Let’s say your site sells cameras and accessories. One of your customers has visited your website, looked at a few products and made it to the payment page for one of your cameras before leaving without making a purchase. They may have done this for a number of reasons. According to the Baymard Institute, 69.23% of people abandon their cart before making a purchase online. Maybe they got distracted, busy or decided to shop around a little before making a final purchase.

Once they’ve left your website, there’s nothing you can do to bring them back, right? Wrong. With Facebook retargeting, you can show product ads to gently remind your customer to make a purchase on your website. These ads are shown on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other Facebook sites that the customer visits. They can be executed according to your customer’s specific online behaviours, like when they’re active and the time at which they’re most likely to make a purchase.

Now, let’s say your customer has seen your ad on Facebook, has clicked on it and purchased the camera. Hooray! You can pat yourself on the back because all the hard work is done, right? Wrong again. Now that your customer has bought the camera, they’re probably going to want a few accessories to go with it. This is now your opportunity to upsell your products by serving ads showing the products that your customer might need in addition to the camera. These may include a camera strap, tripod or memory cards. This is a gentle way to remind your customer what they may need before they’ve even started thinking about it.

By showing highly relevant ads to people who have already shown interest in your products or services, you can successfully boost your conversion rate and reduce your advertising costs. The customer is happy because you have helped them find what they’re looking for, and you’re happy because you’re gaining new valuable customers. It truly is a win win for all.

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