What’s so great about YouTube anyway?

What’s so great about YouTube anyway?

With 1.3 billion users and 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute, YouTube must be doing something right.

In case you’ve been living off-the-grid for the past 12 years, YouTube is a video-sharing platform that allows users to upload and share video content. The website enables anyone from amateur filmmakers to businesses to distribute stories and information with their subscriber base and the wider YouTube community. Since its humble beginnings in April 2005, YouTube has quickly grown to become the most popular video-sharing site today. So is YouTube a worthwhile platform for marketers?

Definitely, and here’s why. Video provides the opportunity for marketers to distribute a large amount of information in a very short time span. This feature makes it particularly useful today. People are now having to sift through more content than ever before and attention spans could be shrinking as a result. This means that marketers need to work harder and more strategically to stand out from the crowd, and video is a great channel to do so. Video can help marketers grab the attention of users and hold it long enough to make a significant impact.

So, why Youtube?

Improve your SEO

Using Youtube to distribute your video content instead of platforms like Vimeo and DailyMotion can improve your search ranking in Google. Youtube was bought by Google a year after it launched, so it comes as no surprise that Google prioritises the platform over others when it comes to your search ranking.

Provide product or service information succinctly

Youtube is a great platform for sharing important brand, product or service information in an effective and efficient way. It’s free and easy to use, meaning it’s a low risk option for video marketing. Some effective video options that garner great results on Youtube include ‘how-to’ videos explaining how your product or service works, product review videos and behind-the-scenes videos showing your business from ‘the inside’.

Liven up your landing pages

A lot of people are visual learners. In fact, visual content is a great tool for building brand awareness because it can help online users make associations. YouTube allows you to easily embed videos onto your webpages via a link or embed code. By embedding videos on your homepage, blog pages or product pages, you can catch the eye of your user and also accommodate an array of different content consumers. Some of your users will prefer to read your content, while others, if given the chance, will opt to watch a video instead.

Facebook’s new algorithm might draw people to YouTube

Although Youtube is one of the most popular video-sharing sites today, it’s not the only one. Facebook jumped on the video bandwagon years ago. The platform even announced a while back that it would become 100 percent video in the not-so-distant future. With Facebook’s ability to reach a huge audience base (more than 2 billion monthly users!), it seems appropriate to concentrate all your video marketing efforts there, right? Actually, no.

Facebook has recently announced that its new algorithm change will begin to prioritise posts from friends and family instead of businesses. Contrary to previous predictions, videos (like those short and snappy ones that we all love), will no longer take precedence in the Facebook News Feed. Following years of Facebook asserting that the platform would soon become all video, this news comes as a bit of a shock to online marketers.

So, what does this mean for Youtube and the future of online video? Basically, video content marketers can’t afford to put all their eggs in one basket. One quick algorithm change on any given platform can flip your efforts on their head. To build your online presence through social, it is vital that you spread the social media love across all of your social assets. And marketers simply can’t afford to ignore YouTube. If we see a decline in brand videos on Facebook due to its algorithm change, more video consumers could start flocking to YouTube for their video ‘fix’. It’s definitely a channel to watch!

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