Why Should My Business Enter Awards?

Put simply, awards open doors. They are a fast track to winning credibility, investment, customers and contracts. Not to mention, they help you and your business celebrate all your well deserved success and help you honour your achievements. 

There are hundreds of awards across each state, the country and even around the world which Australian businesses can enter. Imagine how many awards your business could have a good shot at winning. 

Wondering what an award win could mean for you? Here is why we believe entering awards is a no-brainer.

Increased credibility 

An award win or being a finalist in an award  is a third party endorsement, shining a spotlight on your business and signalling that you’re the real deal. 

Awards recognition acts as a seal of approval – building your reputation with your customers, prospects, investors and other stakeholders. They can see that you are worth recognition, and are a leader at what you do. It’s also a great way to  make your sales pitch sound much stronger. 

Award applications can be tricky, but the result can be extremely rewarding and beneficial for the credibility of your business. If you need to quickly build your reputation in the market, awards are the way to do it.

Free marketing and more customers 

Whether you win, or are shortlisted, being recognised for a business or industry specific award can be a fantastic way to promote your business and products to new customers, and can encourage existing customers to stay with you. Awards recognition improves your brand awareness and maximises your exposure to target audiences. 

Both awards winners and finalists will usually be announced on the awards website, on social media and in media. This is free marketing for your business, so use it to your advantage! 

People should know why your business is being celebrated – it’s well deserved, so show it off! Make sure to include your awards recognition in marketing collateral, in company profiles and biographies, in email signatures, on your website and within other sales material. 

When potential customers see your achievements, it is a strong sign that your business is trustworthy, and thus, your sales are likely to increase. 

Competitive edge

Being recognised for an award is an excellent way to gain a competitive edge. Gaining a third party endorsement through an award, benchmarks your business above the competition. This tells potential customers that your business is the best of the best in what you do. 

Business insight

Undergoing the award application process  enables you to gain a bird’s eye view of your business, helping you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and how these can be used to stand out from the competition. Gaining these insights into your business in and of itself is a rewarding process. 

Employee motivation and celebration 

Celebrating success can sometimes get left behind when things get hectic in the workplace. Recognising the hard work and achievements of your employees is essential to boost team morale and let them know that they are valued. 

When you win an award, it  gives employees a chance to celebrate their achievements and feel proud to be a part of a high-performing company. Recognising and celebrating your staff  typically results in higher engagement and motivation. 

Talent attraction and retention

Winning an award or being shortlisted for one can attract the best talent in the industry. Through marketing your wins across your industry, potential employees will view your business as the best of the best, encouraging them to step forward and apply for a position with you. They will view this as a chance to work for an award-winning company, helping you attract the best talent out there and helping your business progress faster towards future goals. 

Considering entering awards? Green Door Co can help. We have an excellent track record, completing hundreds of award submissions over the past couple of years. 97.5% of our clients have been shortlisted for at least one award, 80% of our award submissions have been shortlisted, and 50% go on to win! 

Reach out today to see how we can help you win an award and gain the recognition you deserve. 

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