5 tips to help manage your social media

5 tips to help manage your social media

Social media is a huge part of our personal and professional lives. It would be hard to come across a business that didn’t benefit from having a social media presence. But funnily enough, it’s always the first thing to fall off the radar when we get busy. Seeing a stagnant social profile or unanswered comment or complaint can be damaging to your brand and it’s because of these reasons that our social media motto is “if you don’t use it – lose it!”. To avoid misuse of these highly valuable platforms, here are some helpful tips to managing your social media accounts.

1. Push notifications

Knowing when a customer is engaging with your content is important. Often people will turn to social media for quick answers or tips, essentially expecting a quick reply. Push notifications will assist in you knowing when your customers are reaching out to you, and allow you to act promptly. This is a necessity when responding to complaints via any social media platform. A complaint that is left too long will only add more frustration to the customer and potentially encourage other user interaction.

In recent months, Facebook has introduced a “response rate” on business pages to alert customers how quickly they can expect a reply. This has placed even more emphasis on businesses needing to be aware and respond quickly to activity on their profile.

2. Content calendars

A content plan is a social media necessity. At the very least, a top line monthly overview of your promotional activity will go a long way. Having a clear vision of what you’d like to communicate to your fans will ensure that no key messages are missed at pivotal times throughout your marketing calendar.

Content calendars will allow your activity to be highly organised, but it will also help develop your editorial strategy to ultimately increase your chance of sharing higher performing content.

3. Scheduling

You’ve heard it before, and it does seem obvious, but scheduling your content will save you a bundle of time. Most platforms have their own scheduling features built in, or alternatively you can sign up to the likes of Hootsuite or Buffer. Given social media is based on real time content, people don’t respond well to content that has been sitting there unloved for a couple of weeks, or god forbidden, months.

We’ve found that if you dedicate one to two hours a month curating content and scheduling posts your profile has a higher chance of engaging with people at the right time, with relevant content.

4. Saving articles

When you see it, save it! Time and time again, you’ll come across articles, images, quotes and references that are fantastic content for your business. However when it comes time to use them, it can be hard to track them down. Getting into the habit of saving articles, posts or references will save you a heap of time when it comes to scheduling or content planning. Keep your eyes open to competitor activity, public opinion and hot topics to gauge what your audience deems as relevant or interesting.

5. Shortcuts

Most of the high profile social platforms have enabled the capability to post to various sites in one single swift upload. For instance, if you upload an image to Instagram, it will allow you to click a button to post to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr directly without leaving the app. It’s a convenient way to post to all your social platforms at once, ensuring that the content is reaching as many people as possible, without the manual labour of exiting and entering each individual platform.

Pulling this content through to your website directly is also an option. Setting up a widget or injecting a small bit of code into your website will feed your content to your website – creating fresh, relevant content.

For assistance with managing your social media, contact us today.

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