Building reputation vs. protecting reputation

Building reputation vs. protecting reputation

With the 24/7 news cycle and integration of digital with traditional media, managing your business’s reputation is now a full-time job.

The goal of any strategic public relations program is to position your business effectively with target audiences, maintaining a credible and positive reputation.

There are two components to managing reputation – building reputation and protecting reputation.

Building reputation

Building reputation involves proactive media engagement to share your key messages and leverage your spokespeople to contribute to relevant and positive stories about your business.

Strategies include commissioning research and developing a PR campaign to launch it, pitching spokespeople for interviews on topical issues in the news agenda, distributing media releases which share news about your business and much more.

In addition to media, social media engagement and the integration of other marketing channels into your PR program can also help build your business’ reputation.

Managing reputation

Managing reputation involves identifying potential issues that may damage your business’ reputation and developing strategies in advance to react effectively should they arise.

The goal is to minimise the spread of negative messages about your business in media, social media and other channels.

Strategies include developing an issues management plan and positioning statement, identifying potential questions that may be asked about the issue and developing answers, and responding should the issue be picked up in media or other channels.

Building and protecting reputation are equally as important – they are two sides of the same coin.


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