How to develop a content marketing strategy

How to develop a content marketing strategy

Content marketing provides an effective way for brands to build brand awareness, gain new customers, and build loyalty and trust amongst existing audiences. Creating a content marketing strategy involves determining what you would like to accomplish through content and finding a way to make it happen. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Define your objectives  

    The first thing you’ll want to determine is your objectives. What would you like to achieve through your content? Is it acquiring more leads? Boosting brand awareness? Driving more sales? Positioning yourself as a leader in your field? Once you establish your objectives, you can develop a path to reach them. Your content strategy should be able to fulfil a number of objectives and can be used to funnel your target audience through different stages of your sales funnel.


  3. Listen and learn 


    The next step is to figure out the best way to cut through to your target audience. This can be achieved by listening to what your customers want and discovering their online behaviours. Find out what your target audience wants to know and incorporate it into your content marketing strategy. Some of the best ways to learn about your customers include asking them directly, offering surveys, and monitoring digital conversations about your brand and industry (social listening). Social listening is particularly effective because it allows you to see what types of content your customers are most likely to engage with. Remember, the best type of content is informative, resourceful and solves a problem for your target audience.


  5. Choose which content to develop 


    The next step is to establish the types of content to use in your content marketing – these might be videos, blog posts, eBooks, podcasts or images. Different types of content will serve different purposes in your strategy. For instance social media videos can be very effective in building brand awareness while blog content works great as a lead generator. An effective content marketing strategy will utilise different types of content to funnel users through a customer journey – from awareness all the way through to purchase.


  7. Select your content distribution channels 


    The next step is to select the channels to use in your strategy. Where does your target audience spend most of their time online? Is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reading blog content, listening to podcasts? Utilise multiple channels to target customers when they are online.


  9. Create a calendar 


    Your content calendar is your main resource for content management. It will establish which content to post when and on which channels, it can flag key events and important dates for your industry and brand, and provides a plan for your content so that you can easily identify gaps or issues with your strategy.


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