What to include in your next email marketing campaign

What to include in your next email marketing campaign

Email marketing is the perfect tool for building leads, driving conversions and strengthening your relationship with your customers or clients. A great email will engage your target audience and help you to build your audience base, while a bad email could see your unsubscribe rate skyrocket.

Here are seven things to include in your next email marketing campaign to improve the way you connect with your customers.


Nobody likes a text-heavy or text-only eDM. Emails with lots of text and no images are uninspiring and unengaging. If you’d really like to engage your audience and improve your click through rate, it’s important to be visual with your campaigns. Use a bright, large and eye-catching graphic to grab the attention of your viewer so that they’re compelled to read on.

White space

A big mistake that many marketers make is to overcomplicate their email design. Clutter may confuse your users and take attention away from your call-to-action. A beautiful email design is simple, clear and concise. Don’t be afraid of white space. In fact, white space should be used strategically to guide your user’s attention to your call-to-action.


Personalisation isn’t just about addressing your user by their first name. Although this is important, you can do a lot more to speak directly to the email recipient. Firstly, you can tailor your emails according to your audience demographics and user behaviour. Segment your database so that you can send emails according to where people live, what their occupation is and how old they are. Secondly, you can target your campaigns according to how progressed your viewers are along your sales funnel. Perhaps one of your customers has already made a purchase on your website. In this case you may want to send an email suggesting another product that will be of interest to them.

The right language

The language you use in your emails will depend on who you’re talking to. Are you targeting professionals or consumers? Millennials or baby boomers? Men or women? It is vital to tailor your language to your specific target audience in order to make the biggest impact through your email marketing.

Live content

Live content is email content that is determined only when a user opens the email. Email marketers can use live content in many ways to enhance their email campaigns. For example, let’s say your brand is having an in-store sale and you would like to let your audience know where they can find a store close to them. You can use live content to display a map of the closest store to where your user is at the very moment they open your email. You can also use live content to engage your audience in live polling, or if you’re running an event, you can show your audience how many tickets are available and what seats are available at the time that your user opens your email.

A clear call-to-action

Every eDM has a defined purpose. Is it to drive more traffic to your blog or website? To sell a product? To get people to download your software? Whatever the purpose is, it needs to be clear to the recipient. The best call-to-actions are simple and eye-catching. Try using active words in your call-to-action, for instance “Download our app today” instead of “Will you be downloading our app?”.


A big component of email marketing is strengthening brand loyalty. You send emails to your customers or prospective customers to keep your brand front of mind. This can’t be done if your branding isn’t showcased. Your emails should align with your brand identity, both visually and through the tone of voice. This can be achieved by using a look and feel that is consistent with your branding and making sure your language is carefully constructed with your brand values in mind.

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