What metrics should you use to measure email marketing success?

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What metrics should you use to measure email marketing success?

When it comes to email marketing, there isn’t one perfect recipe for success. To run campaigns that really work, you need to monitor, evaluate, test and fine tune until you find the right recipe that works for your brand and audience. Evaluating the results of each of your email campaigns will give you the data needed to refine your subject line, content, images, audience segmentation and send times to maximise success.

So what metrics should you use to measure effectiveness and improve results?

Delivery rate

Delivery rate refers to the percentage of emails within your send list that successfully made it to inboxes. Your delivery rate provides a clear indicator of how many valid email addresses you have in your list. If your delivery rate is low, it means that a large amount of your emails are bouncing. This could be due to an abundance of invalid or unused email addresses in your list, or it could mean that a lot of your emails are being blocked by spam filters.

Open rate

Your open rate is the percentage of recipients who have opened your email. While a high open rate is a strong indicator that your subject line is effective and your emails are being sent to relevant people, this metric could be inconsequential if your audience isn’t converting. If you have a low open rate, this might have something to do with your subject line or a high frequency of sends.

Click rate

Click rate refers to the percentage of email recipients who have clicked on at least one link. A high click rate is an indicator of high email engagement. It means that people are not only opening your email, but they are reading it and clicking on your links. This metric is particularly useful in measuring the amount of people who are clicking on your calls-to-action. If your campaign has a high open rate and a low click rate, this most likely has something to do with your email content being ineffective.

Conversion rate

Your conversion rate refers to the percentage of recipients who have taken the action you wanted them to take such as making a purchase or signing up for something. If you have a high click rate and a low conversion rate, chances are the issue lies on the landing page you are directing people to.

While each of these metrics play an important role in measuring the effectiveness of your email campaigns, it’s vital to evaluate them in conjunction with each other in order to get a clear picture of your results. Monitoring and assessing each and every campaign can help you to improve your emails and drive better results.

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