Green Door Co Newsletter – February 2017

Green Door Co Newsletter – February 2017

Happy 2017! We hope you had a wonderful break.

I spent my Christmas break in Japan, a wonderful and eye opening experience. Everything is so efficient, ordered, well considered and planned – from their public transport to their public spaces. Tokyo alone has a population of 13.6 million people, compared to 4.2 million in Sydney. It shows just how important planning is to bring the vibrancy, chaos and abundance of Japan’s great cities to life! We can certainly learn a lot from the Japanese when it comes to planning, innovation and forward thinking.

The experience made me reflect on how creativity and planning intersect. Are the two really a dichotomy, as they are often suggested to be? Will the artist always be doomed to be hopelessly disorganised? Will the planner only see the world in one way? The truth – of course – is that creativity and planning are two sides of the same coin.

In Japan, planning harnesses the city’s creativity. In the creative discipline of marketing, the only way to execute creative ideas is through meticulous planning. In 2017, this will be more important than ever – creativity will be king with live video streaming taking off and content marketing continuing to exert influence. However, the success of all campaigns will rely on strategic planning whether that be a great mobile strategy or a more targeted approach with your audience.

So, are you getting the mix between creativity and strategy right in your marketing? Talk to us today to build your 2017 marketing strategy.

Here’s to an excellent year ahead!

– Heather Marano, Director, Green Door Co

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