3 ways to show your customers you appreciate their feedback

3 ways to show your customers you appreciate their feedback

The best part of customer feedback is learning that there are ways to improve your business. Receiving feedback is a positive thing for your business. It takes customers time to share their thoughts. As such, reward your customer, to show them you appreciate their feedback. These rewards may encourage them to share more feedback. If your business takes on feedback, this will only strengthen your offering.

So, how do you show your appreciation and encourage further feedback? Here are 3 tips:

  1. Provide exclusives

Offer a discount, access to a VIP program or early access to highly coveted goods or services. This will give customers an incentive to continue engaging with your brand and sharing their thoughts.

If your loyal customers are providing feedback, they may already be part of the VIP program, so it is important you personalise the offering and show the ‘relevant’ appreciation to ensure continued involvement of your customers.

  1. Set up a feedback email address

For the occasions you do receive negative feedback, it is useful to set up a dedicated feedback email account that is monitored by actual humans.

The best thing to do is set up an auto-response acknowledging that the feedback has been received and how long it will take to follow up. Be as accurate as you can with the time you quote for your customers to receive a response. If you can’t deliver a response in 48 hours, don’t claim that you can because you think it looks good. This will only infuriate your customers further.

When you do respond, have a real person be open and honest and ensure you thank your customer for taking the time to share their thoughts.

From here, the best thing you can do is work to implement changes that address the feedback given. To show your customers you appreciate their feedback, it may help to send out a monthly newsletter to share what changes you have made. If a customer can see you have actively implemented changes that came from their feedback, they will appreciate the gesture.

  1. Create a customer appreciation strategy

Create a plan to periodically check in on customers. Thank them for their loyalty and request feedback. This can reduce negative feedback as a proactive approach finds problems before they become a major issue. Checking in on customers makes them feel valued and gives your business the opportunity to action feedback over a period of time, rather than making changes all at once.

For further tips on keeping your customers happy and engaged with your business, contact Green Door Co today.

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