What Can I Win By Entering Business Awards?

There are so many things to win by entering business awards and industry awards that will make you stand out from the crowd.

From enhanced credibility to increased attention, when your business is announced as an awards finalist or an awards winner, the benefits are both endless and instantaneous.

Here are four valuable things you can win by entering awards.

1. Permanent “Award-Winning” Status

When you’re announced as a finalist or a winner for an award, you will be given proof of your win with either a certificate, trophy or badge. These tangible assets act as a symbol of your achievement, and can be used to promote your business and gain customers and clients.

Certificates, trophies and badges should be displayed physically and digitally, to prove credibility, attract customers and boost sales and staff morale. Showcasing trophies in your office, and awards badges on digital marketing, social media platforms and print material, reminds your customers, employees and suppliers that you are an award-winning company.

Showcasing these wins not only drives sales, it also gains respect from prospective customers, existing customers and competitors as you are established as a leader in your field. Making it clear that you are the best of the best encourages customers to purchase your products or services, as they know that you are great at what you do.

And don’t forget once you become award-winning, you will always be award-winning.

2. Industry Endorsement & Credibility

Winning an award or becoming a finalist for an award shines a direct spotlight on your business and signals that you are the real deal. Awards are a third-party endorsement, from both your industry and the business running the awards program.

When you become award-winning or shortlisted as a finalist, you gain industry-wide recognition, which enhances your credibility and builds trust in your business.

Award wins act as a seal of approval for customers, as they can see that you are worth the recognition and are viewed at high standard. It signals that you are great at what you do, and therefore, attracts attention from prospects, customers and competitors. Enhanced credibility can also strengthen your sales pitch, and help you form stronger relationships with stakeholders.

3. Publicity & Exposure

Winning awards brings attention to the work that you’re doing, recognising you as a stand out player in your field. You’ll get publicity through the marketing of the awards program, on a glimmering stage at the awards ceremony, and depending on the prestige of the award, across local and national news publications.

Award wins drive attention and interest towards your business, and gives you a competitive edge. This type of recognition benchmarks your business above others in your field, signalling to potential customers that you deserve to be recognised.

Although different awards will have different marketing strategies, as a winner, you will be showcased, so use it to your advantage!

4. Better Networking Opportunities

Being a finalist or a winner of an awards program means you stand out on a local, state, national or global stage, which provides an excellent opportunity to network with other respected and well-known businesses in your industry.

Awards are a proven way of finding and attracting investors. By joining the awards alumni community, you will gain access to big business contacts, the investment community and increase your potential for partnerships with other high performing businesses.

When other entrepreneurs and business owners see that you are a winner or a finalist of an award, they know they can trust you to provide them with a quality product or service. This works both ways. If they have also won an award in their industry, you can market the fact that you choose to work with other award-winning businesses.


Wondering what you need to do to become award-winning?

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