Why Should I Hire an Awards Agency?

Entering awards can be a headache, but is the process really that intensive that you should hire an awards agency to do it for you? The answer depends on what measures your business has in place to conduct strategic awards research, manage multiple awards deadlines in conjunction with competing business priorities, and what knowledge your team has of the awards submission process.

Undertaking award submissions is a lengthy and complex task, which can take a lot of time. As most award applications require executive or CEO approval, this time is very costly.

Unless you’re an awards expert, or have an awards expert in your team, forming a compelling award submission which hits the criteria and gives you a good chance of becoming a finalist or winner is tricky. That’s before you factor in the project management of multiple, often competing deadlines, that can mean you miss out on applying at all.

Outsourcing the awards process takes all this stress away, and gives you the best chance at receiving well-deserved recognition. Here are just a few reasons why we think you should hire an awards agency.

1. Save Valuable Time

The entire awards submission process is very time consuming. Writing shining awards submissions which make you stand out from your competitors takes time, an aspect which businesses often do not have. Entries often involve long responses to multiple questions, have a video component, and require additional supplementary evidence.

Completing an awards submission will always take longer than you think, and thus, can be stressful when you are time poor or are lacking resources.

Outsourcing the awards process takes this pressure away. An awards consultancy will handle the process end-to-end, from undertaking awards research to writing captivating awards submissions. An awards consultancy will ensure that your business hits the deadline and submits a strong submission, whilst you stay focussed on doing what you do best.

2. Trust in the Experts

Partnering with an award-winning awards consultancy such as Green Door Co will enable you to put your very best foot forward. You can rest assured you’ll never miss an awards deadline, and that your key business objectives remain front and centre.

Awards consultancies – such as Green Door Co – are professionals in the field, and will put together an awards submission which tells an emotionally and logically compelling story that fits the criteria. Writing an awards submission is quite niche, and many aspects are involved. This includes a strategic combination of storytelling, sharing facts and figures, answering all questions in an articulate manner and clearly outlining how you fit the criteria, all within the provided word limit.

Whilst an award win cannot be guaranteed, an awards consultancy will not put you forward for an award unless they believe you have a shot at winning as this impacts their own success rate.

By outsourcing the awards process, you can trust that your business will shine amongst your competition.

3. Get Strategic Award Advice

An awards consultancy such as Green Door Co will not only handle the awards submission process end-to-end, they are focused on ensuring you have the best chance of becoming a winner or a finalist.

A good awards consultancy will work according to clever strategy and complete in-depth interviews to get to know why you deserve to be award-winning, digging deep into your business’ achievements, purpose, processes and journey. They should start by discovering what your business is about and what makes you unique, and conduct awards research to find which awards are best suited to you and your business.

Then, using the awards application strategy they have created, they will draft the awards submission using content from your in-depth interviews, and their knowledge of previous applications. Your awards agency should also request photography, videos, testimonials or financial reports that will give your business the best chance of winning.

A very experienced award agency like Green Door Co will also be able to offer strategic advice on what might need attention in your current business operations, and what programs or initiatives you could introduce, to maximise your chances of an award win.

4. Free Marketing Content

An awards consultancy will interview you to gain a deeper understanding of your business, along with your goals, achievements and journey. This will help them form a captivating awards submission which accurately evaluates your business.

We’ve often found at Green Door Co. that clients are surprised by the insights we uncover about their business, and impressed by our ability to clearly articulate and clarify their proposition and goals. Great awards agencies will manage the awards process, give you a deeper understanding of the strengths and challenges within your business, and deliver professionally written business content that your marketing team can use across a variety of different platforms.

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