Do You Need to Enter an Award to Win?

Winning awards is great for business exposure, publicity and building credibility, but do you need to enter an award to win it?

The answer is yes. Although a lot of people think that being shortlisted and winning awards is out of their hands, the truth is that’s not the case.

To have a shot at becoming a finalist or a winner of an award, you either need to enter by nominating yourself, or be nominated. At Green Door Co, we get a lot of enquiries about how award nominations and award submissions work, so we thought we’d share the four most common:

1. What’s the difference between entering an award and being nominated for one?

Entering an Award

Entering an award means that you directly complete that particular award’s submission process, typically on the awards website. You will need to put together compelling answers to a series of short and long response questions asked by the award company. You may also be required to gather a series of clearly presented evidence to prove that you are exhibiting excellence. When entering an award, you want to put together a shining awards submission which grasps the judges attention enough for you to be considered as a finalist or winner. It is up to you to search for the awards you wish to enter, and keep on top of their deadlines.

If you have ever wondered why your competitor is winning awards and not you, this may be your answer. Many awards require you to enter and complete the award submission process.

Being nominated for an award:

You can be nominated for an award by anybody – your colleagues, your network, your friends or your family. Being nominated for an award means that the people around you have recognised your excellence, and have found an award which they believe you are deserving of. Once nominated, the awards company may reach out to you to gather more information, or to advise that you have become nominated, have become a finalist or have become a winner.

For example, many of the CEO Today Magazine awards are given out based on nominations rather than direct award submission entries. Here, people can nominate you based on your excellence, and if selected as a finalist or winner, you will be directly notified. Often, you can then choose to purchase winner packages.

To see which awards may be best suited to you, check out our awards hub.

2. What are the benefits of nominating employees for an award?

Nominating employees within your business for awards is a great way to boost staff morale and increase retention. You can put forward any high performing employees who you      believe would be a deserving fit. Awards which accept nominations provide a great opportunity to put forward deserving people within your business who are achieving great things.

Nominating people within your company for awards can come with many benefits:

  • Your colleagues are given a chance to be recognised for their hard work.
  • A win for one in the company is often a win for the whole company as they represent the business.
  • Recognition can be shared via social media and can be used as a marketing tool
  • Reduce staff turnover and increase overall retention.

3. Do I need to pay to enter an award?

Whether you have to pay to enter an award or not, depends on which ones you enter.          Some awards have entry fees, while others do not, it all depends on the organisation behind the awards program.

If an award has an entry fee, it will likely cover the costs of:

  • Marketing and Advertising for the awards program
  • Lavish awards ceremonies
  • Physical trophies and certificates
  • Maintenance of the awards submission platform

If you’re concerned about the cost of entering an award to win, just remember that award wins are valuable, and worth much more than an entry fee.

4. How can Awards Agencies help you win awards?

Hiring an experienced awards agency like Green Door Co is beneficial for a multitude of reasons, including:

Saves stress and valuable time: Forming captivating award submissions which capture the judges attention, smash the criteria and hold all necessary evidence requirements within set deadlines can create a lot of unnecessary stress. Award submissions are lengthy, so hiring an Awards Agency such as Green Door Co who handles the process from end to end can relieve your stress and save you valuable time.

Support from experienced awards writers: Trust that an Awards Agency such as Green Door Co will always be putting your very best foot forward. Our extensive knowledge of awards covers the niche of award submission writing, and ensures that nothing is missed within your submission. You can rest assured that you will never miss a deadline, and that we will form a compelling award submission on your behalf which captures the judges attention and smashes the criteria.

Strategic awards advice: Experienced awards consultants like Green Door Co will be able to assess exactly what’s needed to secure an award win for your business. In-depth interviews allow us to gain a deeper understanding of your business and successes, and our extensive awards submission knowledge means we can offer you strategic advice on what may require further attention. Awards expertise can be the difference between securing a finalist spot, and taking home the award win.

Now you know that you do need to enter an award to win, are you considering it? If your business deserves recognition, contact us so we can help you get it! Whether you are  nominated or enter the award yourself to win, we know that the results are worth it.

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