How Motor Culture Australia utilised awards within their rapid growth strategy


“If it weren’t for Green Door Co, we wouldn’t have applied for these awards or even known about them. It would’ve been a very cool, leverageable experience we missed out on.” – Tom Mcpherson, Co-Founder of Motor Culture Australia


Motor Culture Australia

Australia’s Most Diverse & Rewarding Automotive Community


To create an opportunity for startup automotive community, Motor Culture Australia, to be recognised for its trailblazing impact on the automotive business.

Benefits of Working with Green Door Co

  • Leveraging insights from an awards industry expert to select company-aligned awards targets.
  • Outsourcing the project management of an otherwise arduous, time-consuming process.
  • Receiving timely updates to act on award opportunities without delay.
  • Gaining a pivotal partner in Motor Culture Australia’s long-term awards strategy.

Value Created

  • Recognised as an innovative trailblazer in the automotive industry.
  • Created a fast track to credibility for a young, emerging business.
  • Unlocked expansion and new business opportunities across Australia and overseas.
  • Enhanced an already vibrant company culture with exciting award wins.

Motor Culture Australia is Australia’s fastest-growing premium automotive community providing exclusive events, offers and innovative technology tools to 250,000+ members.

Founders Tom Mcpherson and Thomas Fu launched their business in August 2020 when they were just 21 years old. A rapid expansion across Australia saw the company grow exponentially, with that growth trajectory set to continue as they launch in the United Kingdom.

Motor Culture Australia now hosts some of the biggest car shows in Australia, driven by the ambition to create an inclusive, friendly and safe community for all car enthusiasts – where people feel they belong no matter if they’re hardcore car buffs or not. Their industry-disrupting events and business model have inspired a major cultural shift across the automotive niche, with competitors imitating the approach Motor Culture Australia pioneered.


Pursuing awards wasn’t front of mind for Tom and Thomas in the early stages of their business. They only moved forward with awards as a strategic marketing channel on the recommendation of a friend who had been following the meteoric growth of their new business. That recommendation connected them with Green Door Co, which allowed Tom and Thomas to explore the many possibilities awards opened up for their company.

Tom and Thomas welcomed the opportunity to see how their business shaped up against other young, successful companies. They saw the potential to be recognised as individual entrepreneurs, as well as have Motor Culture Australia acknowledged for its innovative approach within the automotive industry. Establishing their authority through awards and connecting with other top Australian businesses at awards events became an exciting prospect.


Writing and submitting awards applications can be a maze of stringent criteria, strict word counts, and immovable deadlines. As they were so heavily invested in running their rapidly growing company, Tom and Thomas simply didn’t have the capacity to tackle complex and time-consuming applications. Lifting the burden of that process off the team’s shoulders made Green Door Co a vital partner in Motor Culture’s awards strategy.

“Green Door Co is very across the board; they know exactly what’s coming up, what awards we want to apply for and when things are due. All the hard work is done for us.”

After the initial information gathering stage and applying for the first of the available awards, Green Door Co followed up regularly on the company’s latest achievements. Ensuring updated information was always on hand to extract for upcoming awards.

Green Door Co’s understanding of Motor Culture’s business, coupled with their specialised expertise and knowledge of the events awards space, meant they could contact Tom and Thomas with awards opportunities that align with their company goals and act on those applications without delay.

“If it weren’t for Green Door Co, we wouldn’t have applied for these awards or even known about them. It would’ve been a very cool, leverageable experience we missed out on.”

Value Created

Out of the awards entered during their first year in business, Motor Culture Australia achieved a 80% finalist hit rate, winning two thirds (67%). The recognition of being an award-winning company has proved meaningful for Motor Culture Australia fans. Their membership expanded from 150k in June 2021 to over 250k in June 2022 as they harnessed that competitive edge across their marketing.

However, possibly the biggest advantage of the awards is having the credibility in the market to approach and secure new venues and hosts for their events, facilitating their continued expansion across Australia and overseas. Motor Culture Australia can point to the awards as evidence of what they can achieve for their partners and to build credibility as the real deal in the automotive industry.

“Events are such a big part of our business. Now we can say we run award-winning events and leverage that when approaching new event partners.”

Tom and Thomas also point out the value of attending awards events and rubbing shoulders with other leading businesses. They’ve enjoyed the experience of networking with other successful business owners and making connections that have now developed into profitable business relationships.

An added benefit of the awards recognition was the positive impact on Motor Culture Australia’s staff. Displaying the trophies in the showroom added an element of inspiration that enhanced their vibrant company culture. The staff feel motivated by seeing the difference their work makes and by knowing they contribute to an incredible company that has been acknowledged nationwide.

Motor Culture Australia has enthusiastically embraced their awards strategy as a worthwhile investment and plans to continue applying for awards, finding the experience motivating and inspiring them to stay at the forefront of innovation in their industry.





2022 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards
Award for Excellence in Innovation in Consumer Product & Service Industries
Most Innovative Startup of the Year
Innovative Achievement in Growth

2022 International Business Awards
Company of the Year – Consumer Services – Small
Best Entrepreneur – Consumer Services
Achievement in Growth

2022 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards
PR & Events

2021 International Business Awards
Company of the Year – Consumer Services – Small
Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Services

2021 Brisbane Young Entrepreneur Awards
PR & Events


2021 Small Business Champion Awards
New Business
Young Small Business Champion Entrepreneur


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