How $3.8 billion dollar company, Xplor, leverages awards for competitive advantage in a global technology market


“You need a full-time team to be doing these types of applications. It’s almost not worth entering. Green Door Co is solving that really niche problem for us.” – Mark Woodland, Chief Innovation Officer, Xplor

Xplor Education

Childcare software made easy. Simplify compliance, increase parent engagement and deliver the best educational experience ever.


Highlight their support of the education sector during COVID, gain a competitive edge when applying for tenders, and recognise the valuable work of their teams.

Benefits of Working with Green Door Co

  • Stepped in to become Xplor’s ‘awards team’ to relieve pressure on internal resources.
  • Recommended additional industry-relevant and goal-aligned awards.
  • Managed the awards information gathering, writing and submission process.

Value created

  • 50% hit rate on company award wins and finalist in Executive of the Year Awards.
  • Gained an advantage over competitors when tendering for new business.
  • Authority-building recognition across a global technology market.


Australian company Xplor Education provides childcare management software to over 9000 childcare centres across Australia and New Zealand. The innovative software, developed by founder Mark Woodland, delivers time-saving tools for childcare centre businesses and facilitates virtual access to early childhood education.

In 2021, Xplor Technologies acquired Xplor Education (formerly Xplor) and now makes software for several ‘everyday’ verticals, including childcare, home and garden maintenance, fitness, and personal services. This expansion triggered a period of skyrocketing growth, with the company valued at $3.8 billion.

Mark currently serves as the Chief Innovation Officer across the entire Xplor Technologies global footprint.


Pursuing awards recognition was a strategic decision for Xplor Education that addressed three critical objectives for the company:

1. Highlighting what they were doing for the education sector in general and through COVID specifically. Xplor’s innovative software helped educators and parents get back to work, ensuring children’s continued care and education during an unpredictable time.

2. Providing evidence of accolades for the high value and highly-competitive tendering process was becoming an increasingly common occurrence. Tenders are a core sales component for the company across all verticals, and as leaders in their market, Xplor considers it vital to consistently demonstrate they are at the forefront of innovation and technology.

3. Recognising the hard work of their teams was also a driving factor. Xplor understood that while it’s incredibly useful to have award wins as a company for PR and marketing, it’s also motivating for their teams to be acknowledged too. “You can say ‘awesome work’ as much as you want,” Xplor Education CEO Mark explains, “But it’s public recognition that’s really valuable for the teams that are doing the work.”

“Helping the team feel valued and know they are helping people is so important. That recognition of our team is a big piece of the awards puzzle for us.”


For Xplor, it was also essential to ensure their awards are up to date and relevant in the fast-paced technology industry. However, with the extensive administration required, the process of applying for awards was an arduous and expensive time investment.

“You need a full-time team to be doing these types of applications. It’s almost not worth entering. Green Door Co is solving that really niche problem for us.”

Green Door Co stepped in to manage the entire process for Xplor, relieving that time-sucking pressure. Xplor provided Green Door Co with their desired direction and target awards, a summary of the business and their different products, and all the unique things they felt set them apart. This comprehensive approach allowed Green Door Co to recommend suitable awards, even ones Xplor hadn’t thought of, and then run with the submission with easy ‘let’s jump on a call’ follow-ups if the award needed specific data.

“Ultimately, it was the time saved. Literally, 30 minutes of my life compared to 30 days trying to submit an application.”

Value created

In a single year working with Green Door Co, Xplor Education entered ten awards. Winning 50% and achieving a finalist position in the prestigious Executive of the Year Awards.

Recognition of Xplor’s market-leading status from outside the company is a valuable asset. For Xplor, it’s not just a vanity metric; endorsement from a credible third party carries significant weight in the global market. Allowing them to bring that weight of authority to their tender submissions; leveraging award wins when their competitors would only have a glaring blank spot.

“It’s another moat you can build around the business; it’s a competitive advantage.”

The number of awards Xplor were able to apply for with Green Door Co was a goal previously unattainable due to the investment of time and internal resources required. Working with Green Door Co meant Xplor could spread their chances across several awards rather than the single application, if any, they otherwise may have submitted.

“We’ve had more opportunity to win, which only happened because of Green Door Co. Because ultimately, we wouldn’t have had the time or resources to do it at all.”

Xplor Education has found their awards strategy so successful they plan to expand the approach across all the different verticals in the Xplor Technologies group. Continuing to build that foundation of credibility that Xplor can leverage in their sales, PR, and marketing as they grow.

“I really enjoyed working with Green Door Co; it was super easy and a great experience. I would definitely recommend Green Door Co to anyone.”




2021 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards
Award for Excellence in Innovation in Technology Industries – More than 100 Employees
Most Valuable Technical Innovation

2021 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies

2021 International Business Awards
Company of the Year – Computer Services – Medium-size
Entrepreneur of the Year – Computer Software – Up to 500 Employees


2021 Executive of the Year Awards
Entrepreneur of the Year

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