From start-up to scale-up: a novel growth strategy for The ID Crowd using awards

“All you have to do to understand the value is to sit down and work out how much it costs the business for the CEO to do an award submission versus getting a specialist company like Green Door Co to do it. It’s a no-brainer.” – Nicole White, Founder of The ID Crowd and Partner at Deloitte

The ID Crowd*

We make (more thoughtful) learning.
*N.B: The ID Crowd has since joined with Deloitte


Expand The ID Crowd’s existing client-facing awards program to include recognition for their own achievements as they scaled their business.

Benefits of Working with Green Door Co

  • Stepped in to manage the time-consuming, laborious awards submission process.
  • Provided experienced and trusted guidance on awards selection.
  • Effortlessly nurtured treasured customer relationships.
  • Launched The ID Crowd’s company facing recognition awards strategy.

Value Created

  • Award wins gained industry-wide attention and reinforced existing relationships.
  • CEO’s valuable skills and time are now focused on high-level company goals.
  • High-quality, credibility-boosting content development and distribution made easy.
  • Established a market-leading reputation that preceded an invitation to join Deloitte.

The ID Crowd are an offbeat, award-winning bunch of learning experts – weavers of stories and creators of transformative learning. They get their kicks working with customers to solve real business problems and making every learning minute count.

You’ll find the team keenly collaborative – they love working closely with clients to craft beautiful and thoughtful experiences that learners love. And that’s not all. The ID Crowd is on a mission to redefine ‘eLearning’, challenge the norm and build a new way of thinking about digital design.


The ID Crowd’s approach to awards is twofold. Industry acclaim for specific projects and a strategy new to the company—celebrating their growth journey through award recognition.

Project-based awards are long-standing customer satisfaction and retention tools for The ID Crowd, where they fund and submit awards for outstanding eLearning solutions on their client’s behalf. Recognition through industry awards gets new eyeballs on the business, differentiates them in the competitive education market, and nurtures existing relationships.

“For our customers, there’s this celebration at the end of a project, and they feel incredibly proud when they win an award. The flip side is it gives us something to talk about on social media to attract new customers.”

The ID Crowd founder and CEO Nicole White used to write all of those award applications herself. However, as the company expanded from start-up to scale-up, it became increasingly impractical for Nicole to do the in-depth, time-consuming submissions herself.

“When you’re a start-up, you’re trying to be a CEO, head of sales, HR, marketing, and everything else. I couldn’t do that anymore; I needed to be the CEO, not the awards submission person.”

For Nicole, retaining and expanding their awards strategy was a non-negotiable, “If you’re not in it, then all your competitors are in it, winning those awards”. Realising her valuable time was best applied elsewhere in the rapidly growing business, Nicole searched for a solution.


“I’m pretty sure I Googled. ‘How do I not do award submissions anymore?’ And there wasn’t a lot of people in the space who can actually help.”

The company that could help? Awards submission and project management experts, Green Door Co.

Impressed by Green Door Co’s informative and personable website, Nicole reached out and quickly built a relationship with the director, Heather. Working with someone she could trust with The ID Crowd’s treasured, repeat customers was critical for Nicole, “I trust Green Door Co implicitly to deal with our customers directly; I don’t need to be in every call.”

Green Door Co seamlessly stepped in to take over a previously painful process and helped get The ID Crowd’s awards recognition strategy up and running.

“My process was to leave it to the last minute and work through the pain of trying not to miss a deadline that’s due in an hour, whereas Green Door Co has a process that starts months prior with the details of everything we need to do.”

Value Created

The ID Crowd entered eighteen awards over three years with Green Door Co, securing the win in over 60% of all awards entered.

The awards help The ID Crowd build relationships with existing customers, ensuring they keep coming back. But, more importantly, promoting their award wins is an excellent way to bring new people into the fold as their company scales. So they can turn them into existing customers and continue that nurturing cycle.

“Once you have those awards, your name is on all these lists across the internet. You turn up in Google searches, and you get more eyeballs, whether you’re creating that content or somebody else is creating that content.”

Content development and distribution are two key ways The ID Crowd leverages their award wins and submissions, using the detailed applications to create additional marketing content such as social sound bites and case studies.

“There’s so much that goes into one of those submissions; you end up with a big ball of wonderful words and a whole bunch of content you can massage into all these different marketing channels. So that’s a real benefit.”

Now, Nicole can focus on high-level goals and maximise the value she brings to the company, “Outsourcing to Green Door Co has saved a bucketload of time,” she says, “I can go back to my to-do list and get another twenty things done!”. At the same time, she can feel confident in the knowledge that the company’s customers and valuable awards strategy are in safe and successful hands.

“All you have to do to understand the value is to sit down and work out how much it costs the business for the CEO to do an award submission versus getting a specialist company like Green Door Co to do it. It’s a no-brainer. The cost is negligible in terms of your time and what you should be doing instead.”

One of the more exciting ways that the award wins have supported The ID Crowd’s business strategy came to fruition in September 2022, when The ID Crowd joined Deloitte. The transaction was part of the professional services firm’s strategy to invest significantly in its modern work services offerings. The award wins further built The ID Crowd’s credibility in the market, helping attract attention from Deloitte.

“This wasn’t something we had been planning, but after talking to Deloitte, we saw their passion for creating more human workplaces. It was an amazing opportunity to supercharge our work, improving workplace learning experiences, but now we can do it without any limitations. As two peas in a pod, we couldn’t be more excited, we’ve found a new home, and we can’t wait to do even more of what our clients love us for.”




2021 Brandon Hall Awards
Best Use of Social Collaborative Learning
Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program
Best Advance in Social Impact Innovation

2021 AITD Excellence Awards
Best Use of Technology for Learning (highly commended)

2021 LearnX Awards
Best Elearning Initiative > Widespread Adopterr
Best L&D Project – Compliance
Best L&D Project > Induction/Onboarding
Best Pandemic Response > Soft Skills
Best L&D project > Technical skills training

2020 Stevie Women in Business Awards
Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services – 10 or less employees
Women-Run Workplace of the Year – 10 or less Employees


2021 MyBusiness Awards
Training & Education Business of the Year
Workplace of the Year

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